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Part Design:
Whether your needs is for a new part, a re-design, or a change so that the part can be made, better, faster, or cheaper; LCT is your best resource for design ideas, value engineering, process Improvementand, or concept development. Our response to your need is the correct "Manufacturing Solution".

Resources for:
  • Plastic Part design
  • Metal Part design
  • Sheet Metal desgin
  • Stamped Part design
  • Die Cast Part design
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Use our trained and experienced engineers and designer to "Plug Into" you Staff when you need help to augment your capability. But, when not required we don't cut into you Gross Margin!

What We Do:
Lake County Technologies and its staff of engineers and designers can create the part designs that you need for cost reduction, value engineering, or new product development. Since 1984 we have been dsigning parts that function as required and reduce cost as desired. Whether you need molded, die cast, vacuum formed or machined parts, our staff is ready to generate the design that creates the "Solution" to your production  or manufacturing problem.


What's New?

  • We've expanded our list of services. Check all the new areas where LCT can provide assistance for your manufacturing needs  including Sales training and assistance here.
  • Be sure to check out our blog where: the answers to your manufacturing questions are always free.

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