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Tooling Build:
LCT is the Technology Resource for help in every phase of manufacturing. Providing assistance in every aspect of production from Process to Product and everything in between to locate, hold, and machine the pieces, parts, castings and tools you need  to help you develop the perfect "Manufacturing Solution".

Resources for:

  • Assembly Tooling
  • Robotic End Effectors
  • Proto-Type Tooling
  • Work holding
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Use our Shop, facilities, engineers, and builders to augment your capacity and capability while keeping your overhead low.

What We Do

Lake County Technologies is your complete resource for manufacturing assistance. We provide your company with help in all facets of production. From designing the parts to building the automation Lake County Technologies has been an integral part of your manufacturing engineering team since 1983.


What's New?

  • We've expanded our list of services. Check all the new areas where LCT can provide assistance for your manufacturing needs here.
  • Be sure to check out our Blog where: the answers to your manufacturing questions are always free. Go to:                    "Manufacturing  Wiz".



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