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Assembly Automation:
LCT-Inc. can help define the role of automation in your manufacturing process. Whether your product needs simple fixturing, lean cell assembly stations, or complex linear or rotary automation, our Manufacturing Pros can guide and guarantee your Implementaion. With a track record that dates back to the mid 80's our engineers, designers and technicians have the experience necessary to implement your "Manufacturing Solution".

Resources for:

Tooling & Fixturing
Lean Cell Assembly
Synchronous in-lline Assembly
Rotarty Dial Assembly

Use our Engineers, Technicians, Builders, Staff and Facilities to augment your capability, increase your productivity, improve your performance, and keep your overhead low by keeping project resources as a Variable Cost.

Assembly is part of "What We Do"

LCT's Team of professionals is your complete resource for Assembly System assistance. We'll develop the concept, estimate costs & payback, write the machine spec, assist in the bid process and vendor selection, and manage your project to its completion. During your project's Implementation, our Team will look both upstream and downstream from the Equipment installation to verify no cost cutting opportunities are being overlooked, because the assembly challenge is only one part of the overall success of your Manufacturing Solution !

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