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Engineering & Design at LCT:
Experienced designers and engineers are available to put your ideas on the screen and make it come to life. That special part, new concept, or cost cutting thought can come to life in 3-D for review by you or your customers. Helpful tips for how to produce your part come along just for the asking. Whether the issue is functionality, Design for Manufacturing (DFM), Design for Assembly (DFA), the Manufacturing Pros at LCT are ready to present you with a guaranteed

Manufacturing Solution !

Resources for:

New Part Design
New Tooling Design
Fixture Build
Jig and Fixture Design

Use our Staff and facilities to augment your capability and keep your overhead under control.
Solution Resources at LCT:

LCT is your complete resource for design help with everything from new parts and assemblies to value engineering more mature products to cut costs and increase margin. Our staff of professionals can work in Solids or 2-D to deliver designs that meet your criteria for Performance, Cost and Delivery.

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