Professionals that have become America's
Number 1 Resource for
Manufacturing Solutions

Ever said; "I'd have a solution IF Only"

  • I could find the Right Design Resource
  • I could Value Engineer to hit the price point
  • I could develop the Right Process to meet rate
  • I knew where to get this Tooling or Fixture built
  • I could Automate the maufacturing
  • I had Manufacturing Professionals that I could Trust !

If you've found yourself puzzling over these or similar issues, let LCT's Staff, Designers, Technicians, and network of suppliers augment your capability, your engineering capacity, broaden your manufacturing expertise, and create your

Manufacturing Solution.

How LCT fills the gap:
You've identified a Manufacturing Problem that needs resolution, but you're lacking the resources to implement the Solution. You don't have the time to manage outside resources, and don't want to add additional staff for what may not amount to full time needs.
Let LCT bring the neccessary resources to design, manage, and Implement your Manufacturing Solution. Our world-wide network of engineerers, technicians, and supply chain resources will define your problem, design your answer, and Implement your Solution. I
LCT will make ensure that the Manufacturing Solution we provide will be
"What you Need"
and not just
"What you Ordered".

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