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Industrial Controls:
Automating the assembly and testing of your manufactured parts requires solid control and data reporting. In response to your manufacturing needs, LCT can provide engineering to help you through concept, simulation, design, and the programming of a custom panel to meet your exact requirements.
Resources for:

Control Panel Design & Build
PLC Programming
HMI & GUI Panel Programming
Machine & Conveyor Controls
Servo & Motor Controls
Operator Consoles
PC solutions for SCADA

Use our Staff and facilities to augment your capability and keep your fixed

Overhead Low.
LCT will take your requirements for wiring, controls, or monitoring and present you with a complete solution that includes programming and training if required. Whether your job is simple machine control & trouble shooting, or if you need a CNC update on that great old Boring Mill, think of us as your controls resource. Our staff has broad experience in PC driven plant-wide production control and monitoring and helping you design your FMS control scheme is our specialty.

What's New?

We've expanded our list of services. Check all the new areas where LCT can provide assistance for your manufacturing needs here.
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