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Machine Tool Automation:

LCT can Implement the integration of robotics into your manufacturing process. Whether your need is machine tool loading, material handling, palletizing, or assembly, our Manufacturing Professionals have the experience and expertise necessary to Implement your robotic

"Manufacturing Solution".

Resources for:

Machine Tool Automation
Robotic Material Handling
Robotic Assembly
End Effectors Design
System Integration

Use our Engineers, Technicians, Builders, Staff and Facilities to augment your capability, increase your productivity, improve your performance, and keep your overhead low by keeping project resources as a variable cost.

What We Do:

In today's highly competitive manufactruing environment optimum efficiency of your machine tools is a must. LCT will work with your manufacturing team to maximize spindle utilization across all your machine tools. We will also help you to look both upstream and downstream to ensure that no additional cost cutting opportunities are overlooked.

What's New?

We've expanded our list of services. Check all the new areas where LCT can provide assistance for your manufacturing needs here.
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