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 Lake County Technologies was founded in 1985 by Robert Weskamp. Mr. Weskamp was the President  WesTech Automation. LCT was initially formed as a provider of material handling and machine tool loading technology for the U.S. manufacturing and assembly automation industry. In 2006, subsequent to the sale of WesTech Automation, LCT became a Manufacturing Solutions  provider and perhaps the only Industrial consulting group to offer not only Recommendations, but also Implementations with performance backed by a Guarantee to meet the specified results!  Today, LCT is recognized as the leading provider of industrial Assembly and Machining Automation equipment, consulting, and project management services.

 LCT's two principals,  Weskamp and Richard (Flip) Bodine both owned and operated specialized assembly automation businesses that were recognized worldwide as among the best in the industry: Bodine Assembly and Test Systems was a world leader in synchronous assembly technology while WesTech Automation was a most highly respected provider of non-synchronous systems for both assembly and manufacturing systems. Weskamp and Bodine have been involved in the assembly automation field for over 35 years, together bringing over 70 years of experience and expertise to LCT and its customers. This background is augmented by their enormous network of suppliers  designers, and friends in the factory automation business.

Over the past 30 years, Weskamp and Bodine, through their respective companies, have collaborated on many successful factory automation projects combining their respective fields of expertise to provide innovative and highly technically advanced automation solutions to their customers including AT&T, Chrysler, Panduit, Caterpillar, BorgWarner, Eaton, and others.

 The International world of special Assembly and Machine Tool automation systems providers is very small. Capabilities among those in this field vary greatly. LCT's experience in the USA, Europe, and Asia provides uniquely positioned, and unsurpassed knowledge of both the industry and the capabilities of all the major players. Furthermore Bodine and Weskamp's service on the Board of the AMT (formerly the National Machine Tool Builders Association NMTBA) has given them the opportunity to deal with industry's management  leaders both in the USA and abroad. Their perspective is just one of the intangible bonuses of Manufacturing Solutions generated by "professionals" with worldwide experience and expertise!

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